Master Distiller

I learned the art of brewing in San Francisco whilst working in I.T.  I couldn’t come home every weekend so helped out at a brew pub and got hooked.  So much so, that I opened my own UK brewery upon my return.  Whilst working in the States I visited a couple of small distilleries and thought it an ideal add-on to a brewery.

My time when I’m not distilling is split between morning walks on the beach with Mabel (the dog), sailing, fishing, and fixing up an old house.

Oh and at night I like to keep the neighbours ‘entertained’ with my tenor sax.

I am also camera shy!

Thinks he’s the Boss

I started in the industry before I’d even left school.

 40+ years with Bass and Marston’s (Sales Director at both), and one of the owners of Freedom Brewery.

Beer and pubs, that’s all I know and still I call it work.


All things operational and anything else the others can’t be bothered to do

I didn’t go to university, instead I got a job at a brewery.  Some 5+ years later I can safely say I graduated with flying colours!! 

I loved working in the industry until I was made redundant.  Then, life took me in the direction of I.T.

I feel like I’m now back where I belong.