Two ‘Beer Blokes’ and a Still

We are The Beer Barrel Distillery Company owned by Tim Massey and David Goldingay, friends who have been in the beer industry for over 40 years.

One idea was talked about many times and just wouldn’t go away……

Could we take the distinctive qualities of a craft beer and distil into a new beer spirit?

So, in 2015 David set about designing and building his own unique still (yes, he really did!) – #betterstill.

A still that creates a particularly pure spirit retaining the characteristics of the original beer and the wood used.

Thankfully, Her Majesty’s Customs & Excise agreed with us and granted a Full Distiller License in March 2020 (it’s a long process!).

Finally, after 5 years since starting this journey here we are! The Beer Barrel Distillery Company – the two worlds of beer and spirit brought together.

We are now collaborating with our first craft brewers and starting to produce quality, authentic spirits.

Our aim is to build lasting partnerships with passionate craft brewers that share in our independent spirit, believe in innovation and the creation of a NEW SPIRIT OF BEER!