Mmm 🤔 maybe we should've numbered the parts before taking still to pieces #beerdistillery #betterstill BeerDistillery photo

This arrived at #beerdistillery today. After 4 years apart, Distiller Dave and his old tank are reunited. Let the fun begin #beerspirit #itsallaboutthehops #betterstill 🍻🥃🍻🥃 BeerDistillery photo

To capture the characteristics of the beer in our spirits, the distillation process takes time.

Whilst waiting Distiller Dave plays the sax 🎷

We think the #beerspirit enjoys it judging by the results!

#beerdistillery #itsallaboutthehops
BeerDistillery photo

'Spirit of the Black Country' #beerspirit distilled from Fireside Real Ale. Good to drink anytime of the year but, particularly warming on these cold nights! Available to buy from their online shop at

📸 @BCA_RealAle
BeerDistillery photo

Tidying up our #beerspirit samples cupboard has made us realise how time consuming and costly innovation is!

These are just a few of our early distilled beers. More to come in 2021 🍻🥃🍻🥃👍

#beerdistillery #itsallaboutthehops #betterstill
BeerDistillery photo

Since starting our #beerdistillery adventure in March 2020, we've had the pleasure of partnering with great brewers and great people.

Happy New Year to you all and here's to a better 2021! Cheers 🥃🍻 🥃

#beerspirit #itsallaboutthehops #betterstill
BeerDistillery photo