We are a Small Batch Distillery using our very own unique still system – #betterstill.

Partnering with passionate craft brewers to create distinctive new spirits – distilled from their beers.

NO ANGELS ARE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS SPIRIT (if you need to know, just ask).

Email us at: HELLO@BBDC.CO.UK


Two ‘Beer Blokes’ and a Still

We are The Beer Barrel Distillery Company owned by Tim Massey and David Goldingay, friends who have been in the beer industry for over 40 years.

One idea was talked about many times and just wouldn’t go away……

Could we take the distinctive qualities of a craft beer and distil into a new beer spirit?

So, in 2015 David set about designing and building his own unique still (yes, he really did!) – #betterstill.

A still that creates a particularly pure spirit retaining the characteristics of the original beer and the wood used.

Thankfully, Her Majesty’s Customs & Excise agreed with us and granted a Full Distiller License in March 2020 (it’s a long process!).

Finally, after 5 years since starting this journey here we are! The Beer Barrel Distillery Company – the two worlds of beer and spirit brought together.

We are now collaborating with our first craft brewers and starting to produce quality, authentic spirits.

Our aim is to build lasting partnerships with passionate craft brewers that share in our independent spirit, believe in innovation and the creation of a NEW SPIRIT OF BEER!


Lymestone Brewery is our first BREWER PARTNERSHIP.   A family run micro brewery based in Stone, Staffordshire.  Run by husband and wife team Viv and Ian Bradford (Head Brewer), and daughter Sarah (also a brewer at Lymestone). 

After seeing the potential that this opportunity could bring to their business and for their customers to enjoy, Viv and Brad decided to partner with us to create their first Beer Spirit. 

We worked together to decide which beer we should distil, landing on Stone the Crows as the one to go with.

We did 3 trial samples and all of them are great to be honest, but this is the one we unanimously chose as the final product for the Stone the Crows Beer Spirit.

The characteristics of the Stone the Crows beer is clear to taste in the Beer Spirit – there’s no doubting where the spirit is from.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit brewers hard.  Fortunately, Lymestone started on this journey with us just before lockdown and had an almost full brew of Stone the Crows beer that was unlikely to sell, so most of it was sent over to us to distil.

Upon its release, Stone the Crows Beer Spirit sold out within the first 2 weeks.  3 more batches are under way and pre-orders are being taken now, please visit www.lymestonebrewery.net.

Tasting Notes

Stone the Crows Beer Spirit is smooth and peppery, with hints of caramel and vanilla, and with a long malty finish (41% ABV).


Where to find further information on Lymestone Brewery

Kelham Island Brewery is our second BREWER PARTNERSHIP.  An independent brewery located in Kelham Island Quarter, Sheffield.

Kelham Island Brewery had been thinking about distilling their beer for a while.  Fortunately, for them up we popped on social media.

We didn’t do trial samples, they already knew they wanted to create a beer spirit from their popular pale ale, Pale Rider and put their trust in us to create something special for them….and that’s what we have done!   The hops really come through in this spirit.

This spirit is so smooth and citrusy.  This has been a favourite amongst people that don’t usually like spirits, they’ve finally found a neat spirit they can drink and enjoy #itsallaboutthehops.

Available to buy from Kelham Island’s online shop www.kelhambrewery.co.uk.

Photo Credit: Tom Arnold @KelhamBrewery

Tasting Notes

Spice and pine notes alongside grapefruit, elderberry and citrus from the Cascade, Comet, Chinook and Willamette hops (41% ABV).

Where to find further information on Kelham Island Brewery

More Partnerships To Be Announced Soon…..

We are pleased to announce that we are also partnering with Purple Moose Brewery, Porthmadog and Dancing Duck Brewery, Derby. Their beer spirits will be available soon.

We have more beers in our still room, more partnerships to be announced over the coming weeks.


We’ve had a lovely Sunday roast followed by these 2 little ducks from @dancingduckbeer. LAUNCH DAY tomorrow, visit their website https://t.co/DuEQ9ibqxn

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BeerDistillery photo

EXCITING NEWS // our brewer partner @dancingduckbeer has launched their two #beerspirits, available to buy on Monday from their website

Distilled from their beers Dark Drake and Abduction #itsallaboutthehops with these #beerspirits - 🍻🥃😋 https://t.co/M0Frq7RzSI
BeerDistillery photo

Get your Stone the Crows #beerspirit via their online shop https://t.co/EkgXOMk52e.
This is going down a treat, we have the 4th batch in the distillery 🍻🥃😋

#beerdistillery #itsallaboutthehops #betterstill https://t.co/NRIV7063va
BeerDistillery photo
Lymestone Brewery @Lymestoneales
Beer Spirit  - Made from Stone the Crows will soon be in stock again but place your order today as it's going fast. #justsaying https://t.co/ipK110ikaX https://t.co/OeOypCT2ZB

Day 1 of 9 distilling our big order...we'll see if Distiller Dave is still whistling on day 9!

#itsallaboutthehops #beerdistillery #beerspirit #betterstill https://t.co/RZM1Ntblmm

#ITSALLABOUTTHEHOPS with our spirits and a new brewer partnership decided to GO BIG for their #beerspirit - 120 firkins 😃 weekend starts here 🍻🥃!

#beerdistillery #betterstill https://t.co/LYtIWArJSA
BeerDistillery photo

HOPS // We love them! That's what makes our #beerspirits special 🍻🥃. Check out @KelhamBrewery Pale Rider #beerspirit - contains all the hoppiness because it's distilled from the beer #itsallaboutthehops

#beerdistillery #betterstill https://t.co/qOROxv5aXs
BeerDistillery photo
Kelham Brewery @KelhamBrewery
Hops. We all love them in beer. My hay fever loves them for making me bounce off the walls all year round. https://t.co/VUlMBHiWCc


Master Distiller

I learned the art of brewing in San Francisco whilst working in I.T.  I couldn’t come home every weekend so helped out at a brew pub and got hooked.  So much so, that I opened my own UK brewery upon my return.  Whilst working in the States I visited a couple of small distilleries and thought it an ideal add-on to a brewery.

My time when I’m not distilling is split between morning walks on the beach with Mabel (the dog), sailing, fishing, and fixing up an old house.

Oh and at night I like to keep the neighbours ‘entertained’ with my tenor sax.

I am also camera shy!

Thinks he’s the Boss

I started in the industry before I’d even left school.

 40+ years with Bass and Marston’s (Sales Director at both), and one of the owners of Freedom Brewery.

Beer and pubs, that’s all I know and still I call it work.


All things operational and anything else the others can’t be bothered to do

I didn’t go to university, instead I got a job at a brewery.  Some 5+ years later I can safely say I graduated with flying colours!! 

I loved working in the industry until I was made redundant.  Then, life took me in the direction of I.T.

I feel like I’m now back where I belong.